Victorian Era Research Project Assignment


The purpose of this is assignment is to allow you to gain important background knowledge before reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

  1. You will become class expert about your assigned topic and create a web page about your topic to be published on a class website.
  2. Begin research. Keep track of your sources. Find a variety of visuals to include on your web page, but make sure you have the legal right to use them and be sure to credit sources.
  3. Your web page must include both written and visual information. It must answer the following questions.
    • What? (Explain your topic, providing context to the Victorian Era.)
    • When? (When did the event happen? When did your person live? When was your place significant?)
    • Where? (Where did your event happen? Where did your person live?)
    • Why? (Why is this topic important? Why is this topic relevant to the Victorian Era?)
    • Who? (Who was involved in the event? Who was important to the Victorian Era?)
  • Your web page must include at least five well-constructed, well-organized paragraphs.
  • Your web page must include at least five carefully selected, relevant images or graphics. This includes photographs, videos, diagrams, charts, drawings, or models. Be sure to obtain permission from the owner or use copyright free images.
  • Your page must include at least three links to outside websites and three links to classmates’ pages.
  • Your web page must be carefully proofread and be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Please use time wisely. You will have some time during class but may need to work at home.
  • You must include your sources at the bottom of your page in MLA format.